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Dr. Dougg Gerard

Dr. Dougg Gerard | Lodi Chiropractor

You are here because you need a chiropractor. I am here to help you with that decision. The following is an explanation of chiropractic which was written by a friend and is also “How I see it.”

How We Approach Chiropractic

We learn something new by relating it to something we already know. Subtraction is learned after addition. Division after Multiplication. And, because of most people’s experience, chiropractic after medicine.

Both disciplines have their purpose. One is not superior to the other. Some distinctions will help you better understand chiropractic.

Seeing the Whole Person

Medicine is interested in the problem with the person. Chiropractic is interested in the person with the problem. Medicine focuses on the circulatory system.
Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system. Medicine kills germs.Chiropractic strengthens immunity. Medicine attempts to suppress symptoms. Chiropractic enhances adaptability.

Please read on because I believe you want answers to: why me, can we help, how long will it take, the costs, is it safe, and what about children.Medicine makes the doctor or drugs the hero. Chiropractic makes the individual’s capacity to self heal the hero.

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